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Most vehicles have a serpentine belt. Engines used to have what was called fan belts or drive belts. The reason that the serpentine belts are named the way they are is because they wrap around so many component pulleys and guides that they remind folks of a snake.
Drive belts and serpentine belts are usually recommended to be replaced when they age and begin to show cracks. The rule of thumb for a belt replacement is “as needed”. Some vehicles are in severe weather climates. This could mean extreme hot or cold weather. The belts are constantly under tension by the way they fit and by special pulleys that are engineered and designed to keep tension on the belt so that it does not slip.
Most all of these component pulleys and tensioners have bearings that will allow the pulley and the belt to move freely. As the belt stretches under the tension, some tensioners are automatic and will adjust to keep the belt tight. Some will not adjust automatically and will need to be manually adjusted by an experienced technician. The belt will make a squeaking noise if it begins to slip. The belt will often slip if it gets oil or coolant on it. It will also slip if the belt stretches so much that the tensioner cannot keep tension on it at it’s very last setting or adjustment.
People will often assume a belt is making a squeaking noise when a pulley starts to fail. The bearings in the pulleys are moving parts and will get to extremely hot temperatures. The bearing will often make a squealing noise when it starts to fail but not always. The pulley will lock up or break once the bearings fails.
The belt must travel on an evenly aligned pattern. If the belt is crooked due to a component or pulley being mis-aligned, the belt will fray on the edge and eventually break.
On most later model vehicles today, the serpentine belt is responsible to drive such components as the air conditioning, power steering, water pump for the engine’s radiator coolant, and the alternator to charge the battery. Often vehicle’s will not continue to run without the belt or if they do, they will be difficult to steer. The air conditioning will not work, the battery won’t charge and there is the risk that the engine will overheat without something driving the water pump.
The serpentine belt isn’t responsible for all these systems on some vehicles but it is on others. Don’t take the chance and risk. If your belt is worn, stretched out, cracked or saturated with oil or coolant, replace the belt at your earliest convenience and definately before a road trip. The cost of it’s replacement is far better than sitting on the side of a road waiting for a tow truck.
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