What to look for in an Auto Repair Shop in Tucson, AZ

The most important thing to look for in a automotive repair shop is find someone who can care about you and your family. This is because you and your family are the people who will be riding in your vehicle. So you will want to know that the people working on your vehicle will be caring about YOU. Any facility can work on and repair vehicles. If they don’t truly care about you though, little things may get overlooked as they quickly try to finish your vehicle so they can move on to the next.
Believe me when I say that price should be secondary to caring. For instance our technicians have the mindset that their own grandparents may be riding in the car they are working on. In their minds, the most important car to work on is the one in their bay at that moment.
If you find yourself in a repair facility that appears to only treat you as a number rather than a person, get out. You should be able to sense that you will be cared about when you walk into a shop and listen to not just how you are treated but to hear them dealing with others as well. If necessary, keep shopping… We do exist!
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