Why is my Engine Mount failing?

When I tell people that their car’s engine mounts are broken, the first thing they get concerned about is if their engine is going to fall out. The answer is no. There are multiple mounts for both the engine and the transmission.

Most mounts are made of metal on each side and then rubber between the metal. The rubber is meant to flex and absorb the engine vibration while the engine is running. When an engine mount is weak, the rubber is usually not doing it’s job and sometimes is disfigured as it ages and weathers. If the mount is broken, that usually means that the rubber portion has broken or has separated from the metal portion of the mount.

When a mount is failing, you will feel a vibration in the steering wheel and sometime throughout the whole car. You may think that the engine is running rough or misfiring. Engine and transmission mounts are equally important. If one mount breaks or goes bad, the other mounts will stress more because the one is not doing it’s job and finally all of them will be needing to be replaced because they will fail. There are several different types of mounts. Regardless of their shape or size, they are important.
When engine and transmission mounts fail to do what they are designed to do, they will allow movement of the engine or transmission that it is not designed to do. It can result in broken wires, hoses or other components that don’t stretch. There are simple tests that can be done to see if your vehicle has broken mounts. Take your vehicle to your repair facility to have them check all of the mounts.

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